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Price per Pair: $400.00

Silver Wood Duck

Silver Wood Ducks are one of the most loved and sought after of the Wood Duck color mutations. Their silver plumage comes in a variety of shades and is adorned with white markings. Silver Wood Ducks have a crested head, light silver in females and light to dark silver in males. The male’s bill is brightly patterned black, white, and red. His legs and feet are dull straw-yellow, and his eyes are red. The female has a white teardrop-shaped patch surrounding her brownish-black eyes. Her bill is blue-gray and her legs and feet are dull grayish-yellow. They are not hybrids; their silver color is the result of a naturally occurring mutation.  In the wild, their light color makes them easy an easy target for predators.


Scientific Name: Aix sponsa


Native to: North America


Average Length: 21”


Average Weight: 1.45 lbs.

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