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Before placing an order, please read the following policies, which were put in place to protect the birds. Refunds will not be given if you fail to adhere to our policies.


Our waterfowl are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Our full selection of birds can be found here. Call 731-587-2440 to place your order or check availability. All orders and inquiries must be made via phone call—orders placed by other means may not be fulfilled.


Payments must be made before birds can be shipped. Full payment includes the total cost of bird(s) and Shipping and Processing Fees. Payments can be made by check or money order.

Shipping and Processing Fee

The Shipping and Processing  Fee will vary depending on your order. This fee will include the USPS postage rate for order, total cost of Horizon Shipping Container(s), and processing. This price will not match the USPS postage label on your box.

Shipping Containers

For the safety of your birds, all orders are shipped using USPS approved Horizon Live Bird Shippers. The total cost for shipping containers will depend on your order and will be included in the total Shipping and Processing Fee.

Shipping containers come in three (3) different sizes*:

Small                          2–3 Birds                      $20.00

Medium                     4–5 Birds                      $25.00

Large (Swan Box)     10–14 Birds                  $35.00


*The number allowed per box will vary depending on the size of birds. We do not make exceptions that may endanger the birds. Over-packing can lead to distress, injury, an even death. These prices do not include processing or USPS postage rate.  


We will pinion your birds for $10.00 per bird. Please let us know if you wish to have your birds pinioned. 

Shipping Policies

Shipments will not be made until payments are received.

We do not ship outside the continental US.

Shipping is done October through March. Cooler temperatures help ensure that your birds arrive alive and healthy. We will not ship birds unless temperatures are ideal for both ends of the transaction—no greater than 80° for either location. These birds have a higher tolerance for cold temperatures than hot ones. Shipping to northern states in the winter is not a problem.

Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail Express. This is the USPS's fastest service; birds will arrive either next day or second day.

To ensure orders do not get held up over the weekend, we make all shipments at the beginning of the week—Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. We do not ship close to holidays when the post office will be closed or very busy.

You will be contacted before shipment your shipment is made to ensure someone will be available to receive the birds. If you cannot be reached, shipping will be delayed.

Once your shipment has been made, we will contact you again with your USPS tracking number and estimated time of delivery.

You should then contact your post office to let them know you are expecting a shipment of live birds. You can request to have the post office contact you as soon as the birds arrive. They may let you pick up your birds before the post office opens.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee live delivery to your post office.

We do not ask the post office to refund postage for deliveries that arrive later than scheduled, unless the birds are harmed by the delay.

If any bird arrives DOA, we will refund the price of the bird.

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