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Photo Credit: Dick Daniels

Price per Pair: $250.00

Silver Teal

Silver Teals are nicely colored, small dabbling ducks. Silver Teals have a black cap that extends just below their dark-brown eyes, blue bills with a bright yellow base, and dark gray legs and feet. Their neck, breast, and front flanks are buff with dark brown spots. The plumage of the Silver Teal is marked with distinct feather patterns and lacing. Silver Teals are a calm breed. They get along with other species and do well in a mixed collection. They are generally hardy, but will need some protection from winter temperatures in cold climates. Silver Teals are a perfect addition for anyone looking to add aesthetic beauty to their collection.

Scientific Name: Anas versicolor

Native to: South America

Average Length: 16”

Average Weight: 0.63 lbs.

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