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Photo Credit: Mallard Lane Farms

Price per Pair: $200.00

Silver Ringed Teal

Silver Ring Teals are uniquely colored, small birds, popular with both hobbyists and serious avian collectors. Their rare silver color is caused by a naturally occurring mutation of the Ringed Teal. Male Silver Ring Teals do not eclipse. Their plumage retains it coloration all year round. The male has a silver body with light white to peach feathering across the back, a dark stripe down the back of their head, and a peach upper breast speckled in black. Light facial feathering compliments their blue bill and large, dark eyes. The females are paler than the males, with fawn and lavender laced feathers and no dark feathering. They have pinkish bills and dark eyes. Silver Ring Teals are both stylish and elegant. Together they make a striking pair. These birds are easy to raise and are an excellent choice for beginners.

Scientific Name: Callonetta leucophrys

Native to: South America

Average Length: 14.5”

Average Weight: 0.72 lbs.

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