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Photo Credit: Eric Brown

Price per Pair: $300.00

North American Shoveler

North American Shovelers are the only Shovlers native to North America. Shovelers are named for their uniquely-shaped, long bill with a broad, rounded end. The male Shoveler’s breeding plumage reveals an iridescent, dark-green head; white breast; chestnut belly and flanks; and a white crescent on each side of the face. He has a black bill, orange legs and feet, and yellow eyes. The female is mostly grayish-brown with a few lightly edged feathers bearing darker centers. Her bill is olive-green with a yellow base and edges, and her eyes are brown. These unique birds will make an interesting addition to any aviary.


Scientific Name: Anas clypeata

Native to: North America

Average Length: 19”

Average Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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