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Photo Credit: Adrian Pingstone

Price per Pair: $250.00

Ruddy Shelduck (Brahminy Duck)

Ruddy Shelducks are beautiful and unique medium-sized ducks. They have a cinnamon-colored body, iridescent green speculum, and black tail. The male’s head and neck are separated from the body by a narrow black collar. The female is similar but has a rather pale, whitish head and neck and lacks the black collar. Ruddy Shelducks are one of the most intelligent species of waterfowl.  Buddhists consider Ruddy Shelducks to be sacred and call them “The Duck of Lama.” In safe conditions, they can become quite tame and even act as guard ducks.


Scientific Name: Tadorna ferruginea


Native to: Europe and Asia


Average Length: 25.5”  


Average Weight: Male 3 lbs. Female 2.75 lbs. 

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