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Red-Crested Pochard

Red-Crested Pochards are large diving ducks. The adult male is unmistakable bird with a rounded, rusty-orange head, red bill, and black breast. He has white flanks, a brown back, and a black tail. The female is a pale brown, with a darker back and crown and a whitish face. Red-Crested Pochards are the only ducks known to engage in a feeding ritual. The male dives for food offerings to give to his mate while she waits on the surface. Red-Crested Pochards are hardy birds. They are easy to care for and do well in a mixed collection, making them an excellent choice beginners.

Scientific Name: Netta rufina

Native to: North Africa, Europe, Asia

Average Length: 22”

Average Weight: 2.31 lbs.

Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett

Price per Pair: $150.00
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