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Photo Credit: Dick Daniels

Price per Pair: $300.00

Paradise Shelduck

Paradise Shelducks are very colorful, large, goose-like ducks. Unlike most ducks, the female, with her white head and neck and a chestnut-colored body, is more eye-catching than the male, who sports a dark gray body and black head with occasional green iridescence. Contrasting male and female plumages make them a dramatic pair. Both sexes have a chestnut undertail and black, green, and white wings. Paradise Shelducks  are easily tamed and are quite hardy. A striking pair of Paradise Shelducks would be a beautiful addition to any waterfowl collection.


Scientific Name: Tadorna variegata


Native to: New Zealand


Average Length: 26.18”


Average Weight: Males 3.75 lbs. Females 3.09 lbs.

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