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Photo Credit: Dick Daniels

Price per Pair: $200.00

Northern Pintail

The Northern Pintail is a common and much loved aviary bird. The male has an unmistakable breeding plumage with a chocolate-brown head, white breast, and a white stripe extending up the sides of the neck. The remaining plumage consists of gray and black. His black rear end is bordered by a contrasting yellow patch. His bill is black with blue stripes along the sides, and his legs are blue-gray. The female’s plumage consists of shades of brown, gray, tan, and white. Her dull-black bill is occasionally adorned with bluish stripes, her eyes are dark brown, and her legs and feet are blue-gray. Northern Pintails are easily kept and bred in captivity. They are hardy and have no special requirements. They are great for the beginner and fare well in a mixed collection.

Scientific Name: Anas acuta


Native to: Europe, Asia, North America

Average Length: Male 26.5” Female 22.5”


Average Weight: Male 1.99 lbs. Female 1.75 lbs.

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