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Photo Credit: © Francis C. Franklin /

Price per Pair: $200.00

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Ducks are some of the most beautiful birds in the world. Few other birds don such a dramatic and colorful breeding costume as the male Mandarin Duck. The adult male is decorated in blue, green, copper, white, purple, and orange feathers, though he has an overall golden appearance. Unusual orange-gold central wings stick up about 2” from his back and form “sails” when he is sitting or swimming. Both sexes have crests, but the crest is more pronounced on the male. The female is similar to the female Wood Duck, with a white eye-ring and stripe running back from the eye, but is paler below, has a small white flank stripe, and a pale tip to its bill. Mandarin Ducks have large eyes in relation to their bodies, giving them a cute, cartoonish appearance. These ducks have a spirited and comical personality. Mandarin Ducks are easy to care for and raise. They are great for beginners and are often favored by advanced aviculturists.

Scientific Name: Aix galericulata


Native to: East Asia


Average Length: 17.5”


Average Weight: 1.22 lbs.

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