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Photo Credit: Dick Daniels

Price per Pair: $150.00

Green-Winged Teal

Green-Winged Teals are the smallest of the America Teals, with short, blocky bodies. They have a large head, short neck, relatively small bill, and a tail that sits high out of the water. Both sexes have deep-green wing patches that are visible when in flight. The breeding male has a rich cinnamon head and a vivid green eyepatch. His body is mostly gray with a yellow rear end and a green speculum edged in white. Females are brown with a yellow streak along the tail. Green-Winged Teals are fairly easy to maintain and breed in captivity. These hardy birds fare well in mixed collections, as long as larger species do not bully them.

Scientific Name: Anas carolinensis or Anas crecca carolinensis

Native to: North America

Average Length: 13.8”

Average Weight: 0.60 lbs.

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