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Photo Credit: Glen Fergus

Price per Pair: $200.00

Eyton Tree Duck (Plumed Whistling Duck)

Eyton Tree Ducks are tall, long-necked ducks. Their face, neck, and breast are light brown; the rump is white with a dark brown tail; and the chest is pale chestnut with thin black bars. They have a red bill with black speckles; dark pink feet and legs; and striking yellow-orange eyes. The Eaton Tree Duck’s most prominent feature is the long, off-white plumes that arise from its flanks. These ducks are personable and gregarious. The Eyton Tree Duck is monogamous, and pair-bonds are usually life-long. Like all Tree Ducks, they produce a unique musical whistle.


Scientific Name: Dendrocygna eytoni


Native to: New Guinea and Australia


Average Length: 20.25”


Average Weight: 2.20 lbs.  

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