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Photo Credit: Dick Daniels

Price per Pair: $300.00

European Shelduck (Common Shelduck)

European Shelducks, with contrasting plumage and bright red bills, are popular in wildfowl collections. European Shelducks resemble a small, short-necked goose. Their bodies are white and chestnut; their head and neck are dark green; and their wings are white, marked with black, green, and chestnut. Sexes are similar in appearance, but the female is smaller and duller with some white facial markings. European Shelducks form strong pair bonds. During breeding season, the male’s colors become more vibrant, and the red bill knob on his forehead becomes brighter. They are more social than other Shelduck species and can be introduced to a mixed collection successfully.


Scientific Name: Tadorna tadorna


Native to: Eurasia


Average Length: 21.7”


Average Weight: 2.2 lbs.

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