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Silver redhead edited_edited.jpg
Price per Pair: N/A

Photo Credit: Mallard Lane Farms

Silver Redhead

Silver Redhead Ducks are members of the diving duck family, and are native to North America. The males have a chestnut colored head with a silver body. The females are silver and white. The lovely silver color is a mutation of the Redhead Duck. They have a good temperament and fair well in a mixed flock. They will often lay eggs in their first year, and they sometimes have the habit of stealing nests from other species. It is best to keep them with species which lay their eggs in spots where Redheads cannot bother them.


Scientific Name: Aythya americana

Native to: North America

Average Length: 16.5” to 21.3”

Average Weight: 1.4 to 3.5 lbs.

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