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Photo Credit: Alan D. Wilson

Price per Pair: $150.00

Blue-Winged Teal

The Blue-Wing Teal is a small bird commonly found in many aviary collections. The adult male has a gray-blue head with a white facial crescent, a light brown body with a white patch near the rear, and a black tail. The adult female is mottled brown and has a whitish area at base of bill. Both sexes have sky-blue wing coverts, a green speculum, and yellow legs. Blue-Wing Teals are hardy birds and are fairly easy to breed and maintain in aviaries. They are very social and do well in a mixed collection, as long as they are not bullied by larger birds.

Scientific Name: Anas discors

Native to: North America

Average Length: 16”

Average Weight: 0.82 lbs.

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