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Photo Credit: Alan D. Wilson

Price per Pair: $125.00

Black-Bellied Tree Duck (Black-Bellied Whistling Duck)

Black-Bellied Tree Duck are large, goose-like ducks with a long neck and legs and a short tail. Their dark plumage of black, chestnut, and gray is beautifully contrasted by a bright orange bill; pink legs; a broad, white wing stripe; and a thin, white eye ring. These ducks are very personable and have a more laid back personality than many other species of wild ducks. Black-Bellied Tree Ducks form strong monogamous bonds and they often stay together for many years. Like all Tree Ducks, they produce a unique musical whistle.

Scientific Name: Dendrocygna autumnalis


Native to: United States, Central America, South America


Average Length: 20.5”


Average Weight: 1.85 lbs.

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