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Photo Credit: putneymark

Price per Pair: $150.00

Bahama Pintail (White-Cheeked Pintail)

The Bahama Pintail is a striking duck with a prominent, curved head and white cheek patches. They have a slate-colored bill with a red base. Males and females have similar markings, but females are slightly smaller in size and duller in color. Drakes do not go into eclipse plumage, remaining fully colored all year. Bahama Pintails are friendly ducks. They get along well with other species of birds and fit nicely into a mixed collection. They are easy to raise and successful breeders in captivity.

Scientific Name: Anas bahamensis


Native to: Caribbean, South America, and the Galápagos Islands


Average Length: 15–18”


Average Weight: Male 1.12–1.19 lbs.; Females 0.88–0.94 lbs.

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