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Photo Credit: Thurner Hof

Price per Pair: $150.00

American Wood Duck

American Wood Ducks are one of the most commonly kept wild ducks in the United Sates today. The male American Wood Duck is one of the most colorful and beautifully decorated birds in North America. These ducks are uniquely shaped, with a boxy, crested head; a thin neck; and a long, broad tail. The adult male has green head with white stripes, iridescent chestnut and green plumage with ornate patterns on nearly every feather, a distinctive white flare down the neck, and red eyes. The female, though less colorful, is quite elegant. Her plumage is gray-brown with a white-speckled breast; a delicate, white eye-ring; and a white throat. Most collections have at least one pair of American Wood Ducks. They are hardy and easy to keep, making them one of the first types of birds that many beginners acquire.

Scientific Name: Aix sponsa


Native to: North America


Average Length: 20”


Average Weight: 1.45 lbs.

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